Donate to Poor Kids Education.

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Hi Friends,

The idea of making a difference in this world has been on my mind for some time now. I am excited to finally be doing so – however small it may be.

We are spending a lot of money in many ways in a month like parties in hotel, drinking, smoking or any other bad habits but we never think when we are wasting this much money, on other side many kids sleep or die without food.

Is that possible we can drop one event in a year and that amount spends to these poor kids? This amount might be not a big for us but might be life for someone. Save them.

I am planning to give your valuable donation to education of poor kids.

Do not hesitate to give through this Website – it is simple, totally secure and the most efficient way to help me reach my goal. The NGO I have chosen will receive your money quickly and effortlessly. You will receive tax benefits for your deduction in India.

GiveIndia will process every donation and give you a receipt for the same. Thank you for visiting my iGive page and supporting my cause.


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Dear Friends,

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